Here’s a little background on myself....

I started making these pins out of not being able to find work after undergoing neck surgery back in January of 2016.  
I have two kids with my ex-wife, I’ve remarried, have 4 cats, specialize in SFX makeup for the last 14 years, sculpting and all around tomfoolery.

As a child, I liked to draw and make things.  I continued drawing and learning new techniques in all things art all the way into my early 20’s.  I was married at 21 and started a family 2 years later.  My drawing took a backseat an I kinda stopped altogether.

After years go by, I find myself looking for ways to make income.  Now, I can’t remember exactly how I got into making pins but it gave me a reason to draw again.

I started Dedman Cometh Creations back in June 2017 and have just passed the $10k mark in revenue.  

While that’s a great deal of money, it didn’t come as easily as one would think.

This industry has so many creative people in it that is sometimes difficult getting your own products seen.

So that’s where trading with other creators helps a ton!

I’ve been lucky to have made some creative connections and we take care of each other.  It’s a win-win.

This pin game is still a fun but difficult one.  So with support from people like you, I’m able to continue doing this.  You help me feed my creative hungers, pay my bills and take care of my family.

So for that, I thank you.

My family thanks you as well.

Be well, be silly and never forget to be kind!